AlwaysOnline wireless launches global data SIM for 4G LTE

AlwaysOnline Wireless (AOW), a leader in short-term, on-demand LTE data plans for iPad with Apple SIM users around the world, has announced its newest product, the AOW Global Data SIM, the company said.

Previously, the AOW service was available only to users of iPad with Apple SIM by purchasing LTE data plans directly on their device. Now with the AOW Global Data SIM, users of all other mobile devices – smartphones, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cellular-enabled tablets – can access the AOW network. This global, high speed LTE network is currently available in over 90 countries, and is expected to grow to over 100 countries by the end of the year.

Each AOW Global Data SIM can be loaded with an LTE data plan for each country being visited. Travellers can choose from a variety of affordable plans, in increments as short as one hour, one day, or larger data plans from 500MB up to 5GB.

To get started with AOW, travellers simply need an AOW Global Data SIM card that can be activated online anytime. They then can purchase and schedule plans for each country, with the ability to specify the exact start date, time, and time zone for each plan. This allows customers to only pay for what they need without any overage fees or contracts. Once travellers return home, they can keep and reuse their AOW SIM for future trips.

Otono Networks, Inc. is an emerging global technology based telecom with multiple carrier-supported networks out of Vancouver, Canada. Otono´s platform is primarily focused on flexible, global connectivity and mobile enablement solutions using both traditional SIM and eSIM technologies, allowing easier and faster network integration. Otono is the parent company of several mobile services, including Roam Mobility for USA, Roam Mobility for Canada, ZIP SIM, and AlwaysOnline Wireless.