Alvarion, Safend to introduce new secure Wi-Fi solution for enterprise organizations

SuperCom (SPCB) has reported Alvarion and Safend have collaborated to launch a new secure wireless communication platform, expected to release later this year, the company said.

By integrating Safend´s encryption and endpoint data protection internally with Alvarion´s Wi-Fi solution, SuperCom plans to create a solution that will enable enterprises the flexibility and mobility while incorporating registration and screening methods as well as security management and monitoring tools.

Alvarion´s series of access points enables the construction of scalable Wi-Fi networks with quality of service (QoS), security and high service reliability. The access points are controlled and managed by the Arena cloud based controller.

The solution will be available through Safend, Alvarion and SuperCom´s global sales channel.

Alvarion Technologies is a recently acquired global provider of autonomous Wi-Fi networks with self-organizing capabilities that enable optimized performance.

Safend is a recently acquired encryption and global data security company with a product suite that includes encryption of computer drives, removable storage devices and CD / DVD precise control over the physical and wireless ports and devices connected to them and control and supervise the placement and transfer of sensitive content.

SuperCom is a global provider of secure solutions for e-government, public safety, healthcare and finance with platforms and solutions for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance and border control services.