Aloha-IX to deploy in AlohaNAP

Hawaii-based enterprise datacenter AlohaNAP has partnered with Aloha-IX to build a non-profit Internet Exchange (IX) node into AlohaNAP´s Kapolei, HI datacenter, the company said.

The addition of this node increases access for the local Internet community and expands reach into Hawaii.

AlohaNAP will provide free space and power to the IX in addition to becoming one of the founding participants in the exchange. AlohaNAP provides secure connectivity between the Aloha-IX node in its datacenter to Aloha-IX core switches. Local customers of AlohaNAP will have direct access through the new IX to peering services offered by Aloha-IX.

Aloha-IX is part of Ninja-IX Corporation, a not for profit corporation that operates the Phoenix-IX and Vegas-IX and is developing the Richmond-IX and other locations.