Allen Proithis to lead SIGFOX's Internet of Things expansion in North America

SIGFOX said that mobile-telecom industry veteran Allen Proithis will head the company´s expansion in North America, including deployment of the SIGFOX network in 10 major US metropolitan areas by Q1 2016 (San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, San Jose).

Proithis, who was named to the new position of President of SIGFOX North America, comes with an extensive background in the IoT and M2M markets, having led the development of several businesses in those spaces within the US over the last five years.

Early last year, Proithis led the funding and launch of, an award-winning Internet of Things startup focused on accelerating value produced by the data generated by the IoT.

In his new role, Proithis will lead all activities from the new SIGFOX North America headquarters in Boston.

SIGFOX is the world´s leading provider of dedicated cellular connectivity for Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communications. Corporate headquarters are in Labège, France, and the company has offices in Paris, Madrid, Boston and San Francisco.