Aligned Energy, PacketFabric to Expand On-Demand Cloud and Network Connectivity Across Data Centers

Aligned Energy, a data center provider offering innovative, sustainable and adaptable colocation and build-to-scale solutions for cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers, is partnering with PacketFabric, the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, to expand connectivity options at its Ashburn, Dallas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City data centers, the company said.

Now part of the Aligned Access™ ecosystem, PacketFabric will provide Aligned customers with private, direct access to major cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud; connectivity to 160-plus Points of Presence (PoPs) in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific; and interconnectivity to Internet exchanges, network and XaaS providers.

The deployment of PacketFabric´s NaaS platform in Aligned´s data center campuses offers Aligned customers the ability to reach cloud and other technology service providers on the PacketFabric network, as well as new partners, customers and locations. Additionally, this partnership will empower companies with the ability to create Data Center Interconnections between all existing Aligned data centers, as well as the 160+ on-net PacketFabric locations easily, quickly and with flexible terms.

Aligned Access™ enables companies to extend their reach and dynamically connect to customers and partners; cloud, IT service and network providers; Internet Exchange (IX) platforms; and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) found within Aligned´s data centers and beyond. This allows customers to seamlessly adapt their hybrid IT needs and expand their network service capabilities and footprint with highly reliable connectivity and low-latency transport.

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers adaptable colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers.  For more information, visit

PacketFabric redefines how companies procure, consume, and manage their network connectivity services. Leveraging an innovative, entirely automated SDN-based network architecture and the latest in optical and packet switching technology, PacketFabric enables dynamic, real-time connectivity services between major carrier-neutral colocation facilities at terabit-scale. For more information, visit