Alibaba's Fliggy travel brand partners with Ascenda to enhance loyalty rewards

Alibaba´s Chinese travel brand, Fliggy has partnered with Ascenda to enhance Fliggy´s rewards propositions, the company said.

Fliggy has been committed to promoting digital transformation of the travel industry and elevating the experience of outbound travel, leveraging Alibaba ecosystem. The partnership with Ascenda will accelerate the expansion of the coverage of the Fliggy membership program and improve the internationalization of the rewards.

The partnership between Ascenda and Fliggy will cover loyalty programs of financial institutions and international airlines in China. Currently, Fliggy miles can be converted into miles of 3 airlines from various airline alliances.

Ascenda is a provider of loyalty solutions powering premium rewards propositions for over 70 financial services and travel brands worldwide.

As Alibaba´s travel brand, Fliggy is an online travel service platform.