AlefEdge Introduces Edge Internet Over CBRS

AlefEdge, the provider of building and enabling Mobile Edge Area Networks, has completed the first-ever live deployment of an Edge Area Network over CBRS (Citizen Broadband Radio Service) at a tower location based in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the company said .

This deployment, at a key edge data center owned and operated by one of the largest wireless communications infrastructure providers in the US, brought together several key industry partners who serve a rapidly developing Edge ecosystem. AlefEdge played the lead role in this deployment, providing the edge software Stack, with other players providing additional key components, including Packet, who provided the shared computing infrastructure-as-a-service, and Federated Wireless, who delivered the shared spectrum controller.

This first-of-its-kind deployment of CBRS and Edge at a Tower location will provide important monetization opportunities in several exciting and rapidly developing areas with stringent Edge computing and latency requirements such as smart retail, private networks, mobile health care and drones.

Leveraging the Manhattan Project, this stands as the first ever Edge Internet over CBRS deployment in the US The ecosystem in Foxborough is proof that once the architecture, integration and business models can be decided, scalability can come naturally to all edge types. As discussed in Chetan Sharma´s most recent paper, Edge Internet: The Multi Trillion Dollar Opportunity, the Edge Internet optimizes application and network delivery economics and is forecasted to create a USD 4.1 trillion economy by 2030.

The Edge Internet has been launched in India and Brazil with Tier One Mobile Network Operators and now in the United States, leveraging the CBRS spectrum allocated by the FCC.

AlefEdge is the provider of the Edge Internet, delivering the power of the 5G based Edge Internet to application developers through our easy-to-use technologies. AlefEdge is headquartered in New York City, with offices in India and Brazil. Visit