Alef Mobitech unveils next-generation mobile engagement services

Alef Mobitech, a market-leading Mobile Edge Technology solutions provider, has announced it is powering the next generation of 5G-style applications by combining Connectivity and Computing with localized services at the Mobile Edge, the company said.

Alef Mobitech has ushered in a new genre of mobile customer communications with the announced availability of Alef Connext.

Using Alef Mobitech´s patented technologies and hyper-distributed cloud computing capabilities at the mobile network´s radio edge, Alef Connext empowers brands to engage in smart mobile campaigns with compelling content. Alef Connext leverages its live deployments in Operator Networks to deliver dynamic, targeted and precise market-specific content to end users.

Alef Mobitech´s mission is to realize the worldwide potential of the Mobile Internet through a wide range of enablement services by teaming with Solution Providers and Mobile Network Operators. Based on innovative Mobility Cloud Technologies, Alef Mobitech empowers businesses across multiple segments to launch new products and services.