Aldi to launch online shopping site for fine wines by the case

Discount retail chain Aldi has revealed that it plans to introduce a new online shopping site for wine for home delivery or for collection from third party locations in early 2016.

It was announced on Monday that the company’s online wine shop will be followed by the launch of non-food Specialbuys in Spring 2016. Aldi Specialbuys include electrical, baby& toddler essentials, camping and clothing, along with gardening or DIY products, which are only available for a limited time.

Aldi currently operates 598 stores in the UK and expects to open 65 new stores this year. Although its operating profits fell to GBP260.3m from GBP271.4m in the 12 months to 31 December 2014 partly due to price cut, the UK’s sixth biggest supermarket achieved record annual sales in 2014, when its sales rose 31% to GBP6.9bn, in comparison to GBP5.27bn in the previous year.

Matthew Barnes, CEO of Aldi UK, reportedly stated that the company would not necessarily start selling food online, but said that “I wouldn’t say it’s inevitable. Wine by the case and non-food is the most viable place for us to start.

“We wouldn’t do anything to endanger our model or threaten our cost base.”

Barnes added: “As the grocery market continues to evolve, our unique model, operational efficiency, private ownership and financial strength mean we’re able to keep investing in our business – from people and presence to products and prices.”