Alaska Communications inks MOU with OneWeb to become first reseller in Alaska

Alaska Communications (NASDAQ: ALSK) has signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU) to become the first reseller of OneWeb enabled broadband access in Alaska, the company said.

Starting in 2019, this new high-speed, low latency broadband service will be available to every Alaska home, school, business, and community center.

OneWeb´s system is unprecedented in scale, including 900 ultra-high throughput Low Earth Orbit satellites capable of providing more than 7 Tbps of new global capacity. Even more unique is that OneWeb is specifically designed with a polar orbit to ensure coverage of 100% of the United States, including Alaska which has historically, because of its high latitude, had poor coverage from the satellite industry.

With tens of thousands of Alaskans lacking broadband access across the state, OneWeb will provide a service that matches terrestrial quality latency of less than 50ms. This low latency service enables seamless connectivity and the same user experience and lag-free web browsing, streaming capabilities, video conferencing, voice communications, and enterprise applications access you would expect from a fiber or cable network.

Uniquely, because of the polar orbit, OneWeb´s terminals can view the satellites almost directly overhead at any time, providing clear line of sight access.

Alaska Communications provides advanced broadband and managed IT services for businesses and consumers in Alaska. The company operates a highly reliable, advanced statewide data network with the latest technology and the most diverse undersea fiber optic system connecting Alaska to the contiguous US.

OneWeb´s mission is to enable affordable Internet access for everyone. To accomplish this goal OneWeb is building a communications network of unprecedented size including nearly 900 Low Earth Orbit satellites and an integrated ground support infrastructure.