Alaska Air reports 2.4% increase in October 2018 traffic

Alaska Air Group Inc. has reported reported 4.47m in revenue passenger miles in October 2018, a 2.4 percent increase in traffic compared to 4.37m in October 2017, the company said.

Year-to-date RPMs were 45.7m compared to 43.4m in the same period of 2017, an increase of 5.3%.

Available seat miles in October 2018 were 5.3m, compared to 5.2m in October 2017, a 2.4% increase. Year-to-date ASMS were 54.6m, compared to 51.4m in the same period of 2017, an increase of 6.3%.

Passenger load factor in October 2018 was 83.8% pts. Load factor in October 2017 was also 83.8% pts. Load factor YTD 2018 was 83.3% pts., compared to 84.5% in the same period of 2017, a decrease of (0.7) pts.

On Jan. 11, 2018, Alaska and Virgin America consolidated their operations onto a Single Operating Certificate. Results for Alaska and Virgin America have been combined into a single mainline operation.

Alaska Airlines and its regional partners fly 44 million guests a year to more than 115 destinations with an average of 1,200 daily flights across the United States and to Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.