Alaska Air Cargo begins simplified all-in pricing

Alaska Air Cargo has announced a new simplified pricing model designed to provide a straightforward shipping experience from start to finish, the company said.

With this new structure, two current surcharges will be rolled into Alaska´s base rates and customers will now be only charged by freight weight and a single screening fee. With more predictable pricing throughout the year, customers can easily estimate and manage shipping costs.

Surcharges, fluctuating fuel prices and fees have made calculating the total cost of shipping cargo complex. Offering simplified pricing will make it easier to determine the cost to do business and eliminate the swings and variability created by ever-changing fuel prices. In addition to changes to the pricing structure, several business processes will be automated later in 2016, greatly reducing the time it takes to process a shipment.

Alaska Air Cargo transports more than 170 million pounds of cargo annually–including seafood, mail and freight. From Boston to Barrow, Austin to Adak, or Kona to Kodiak, Alaska Air Cargo serves over 85 destinations in North America while providing a variety of reliable shipping services to get cargo where it needs to be safe and on time.