Akamai, Orange verify Aura Virtualized Licensed CDN

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) said that Orange demonstrated the ability of Akamai´s Aura Virtualized Licensed CDN (vLCDN) solution to provide on-demand CDN scaling for live video streaming of popular events.

This project continues the work of an innovation steering committee previously established by Akamai and Orange to identify areas of innovation in the field of CDN solutions.

As networks increasingly are called upon to burst capacity in support of large events, it is critical to prove how CDN capacity can be deployed and scaled, in minutes instead of months. Leveraging Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Akamai´s Aura vLCDN solution is designed to enable Network Service Providers (NSPs) to run CDN services on virtualized infrastructure, providing the ability to dynamically allocate resources in real-time and cost effectively respond to rapidly changing capacity requirements such as large live events or major software downloads, among other use cases.

NSPs are seeking technology and strategies which will allow them to transition from fixed infrastructure solutions based on dedicated hardware to more open solutions that run on virtual machine (VM) environments.

This model can be instrumental in reducing both the level of operator intervention and the overall cost of adding network capacity to support increased network demands — either sustained or intermittent. To meet operator requirements in this area, Akamai´s Aura vLCDN solution operates on popular NFV building blocks such as open source KVM hypervisors, VMWare ESXi, OpenStack Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and SDN solutions from leading networking vendors. Akamai has also been actively participating in industry collaboratives such as HPE´s OpenNFV program and others as a way to further assist NSPs with this transition.

For the proof-of-concept, Akamai´s Aura vLCDN solution ran on KVM hypervisors with HPE Helion OpenStack virtual infrastructure manager.

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