AirWorks serves multiple industries with DJI enterprise drone solutions

AirWorks has announced its DJI Enterprise solutions serve many industries, from government, to public safety, energy, agriculture and infrastructures, the company said.

The lower costs of drones and the incredible advances in technology have made UAVs a precious addition to any project, allowing for important reductions in operational expenses. Furthermore, drones are now accessible not only to big companies, but also small ones, giving access to literally everyone to new and exciting perspectives.

DJI has launched the hashtag #DronesforGood, bringing examples of how drones are being used to the service of small and large communities throughout the world.

The managing team at AirWorks, a DJI Authorized Dealer located in Dubai, has more than 10 years of experience working in the Enterprise division of DJI. AirWorks provides training, consultancy and assistance in buying the best products for every need. A team of professional consultants is available to work alongside the customer in order to analyze any business challenge and implement the most effective drone-based solutions.