Airtel, RGK Mobile launch direct carrier billing partnership

RGK Mobile, a forward-thinking global provider of digital content subscription services and mobile payment aggregation, has named Airtel a partner in its direct billing services in India, the company said.

Airtel´s subscribers can now purchase RGK´s content services in a fully secure process with just one click–with no forms to fill out or credit information to submit. Subscription requests go directly to the operator´s billing system, leveraging pre-populated subscriber data. This faster and easier process results in significantly higher subscriber conversion.

Through partnerships with content providers and by creating its own exclusive services, RGK Mobile delivers a diverse range of content–from music and video to games and sports, dating and health, fitness and more, all pre-approved and licensed for individual markets. RGK Mobile offers premium services that free the mobile operator from the burden of generating and managing mobile content, including technical integration, local content licensing, and traffic acquisition.

RGK Mobile was founded by forward-thinking experts in m-commerce, mobile marketing, and e-payment, inspired by their unique insight into the workings of mobile content subscription services. Identifying acute gaps in the subscription process, they created an all-in-one solution that closes the gaps and shortens the mobile content subscription cycle, helping mobile operators and content providers maximize the revenue-generating power of mobile content service subscription. For more information visit