Airspace introduces Galaxy drone security solution

Airspace Systems has announced it has launched Airspace Galaxy, an automated, always-on airspace security solutions that accelerates the integration of drones to protects people and property from clueless, careless or criminal drone operators, the company said.

The new Airspace Galaxy security platform combines input from multiple sensors to detect drone activity at long-ranges, instantly identifies authorized and unauthorized flights, assesses risk, and if necessary and permitted, deploys an autonomous mitigation system to safely capture and remove an unauthorized or malicious drone.

Airspace developed the Galaxy security platform for business, public venues, government, law enforcement, and the military to protect people, property, and IP from harm. Galaxy was recently deployed to detect and identify drone activity behind the scenes for Major League Baseball during the 2018 World Series games in Boston and Los Angeles, for the San Francisco Police Department in support of the US Navy to protect its annual San Francisco Fleet Week, and in Sacramento for the 36th annual California International Marathon.

Airspace Systems Inc. uses AI and advanced robotics to create solutions that deliver the three mandatory requirements of airspace security: long-range detection, instant identification, and safe capture and removal of unauthorized or malicious drones. Airspace is funded by early investors in Nest, Palantir and Skype.