Airship Unveils Airship Journeys

Customer engagement company Airship has introduced Airship Journeys, a new visual interface that makes customer engagement simpler and dramatically more effective for the marketer, the company said.

Airship Journeys combines the power of visual sequencing and cross-channel branching with glanceable views of goal-based performance to make it easy for marketers to quickly create, manage and adapt customer engagement paths with a few clicks.

Now marketers can rapidly leverage their data and models alongside Airship´s real-time mobile data, predictive AI and machine learning to create multichannel sequences that drive improved campaign outcomes and better customer experiences.

Airship Journeys addresses frustrations with today´s “drag-and-drop” journey builder tools, which generate convoluted diagrams that are difficult to create and nearly impossible to understand, analyze and modify. A November 2019 Airship survey of marketers found that more than 40% deemed their efforts to manage multichannel digital communications as unsuccessful and more than half said they either have difficulty or can´t identify their best-performing journeys. Over-messaging is a concern to more than 70%, while 55% are also concerned about under-messaging.

Airship´s open platform approach also eases the consolidation and application of data and events across channels and existing systems – enabling more precise segmentation and personalized execution. To further enhance contextual responsiveness, Airship Journeys incorporates cross-channel branching that automatically adjusts in real time to respond to a customer´s behavior. Airship Journeys monitors and controls message frequency and uses Predictive AI to segment audiences and automatically re-engage lapsed customers.

With early use and guidance by The Allstate Corporation,, GameStop, JCPenney, Kohl´s, NBA International and TGI Fridays, Airship Journeys has been designed to meet the complex demands of global brands and is now included in its Customer Engagement Platform.

Marketing and digital experience teams at thousands of the world´s most admired companies rely on Airship´s Customer Engagement Platform to create deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, coordinated messages across channels.

Founded in 2009 as a pioneer in push notifications, Airship now gives brands the user-level data, engagement channels, AI orchestration and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, mobile wallet cards and more to exactly the right person in exactly the right moment — building trust, boosting engagement, driving action and growing value.