Airport shuttle company to adopt AVM's Last Mile Solution

AVM has announced a memo of understanding with Airport Valet Express to purchase 12 of AVM´s all-electric vans and SUVs, the company said.

Airport Valet Express provides conventional day tours and bus service for the 120-mile route between Bakersfield, California and Los Angeles International Airport. Airport Valet Express will be using the new AVM vehicles to shuttle customers to and from their homes and Airport Valet Express´ welcoming terminal lounge.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing (AVM) is the first company to make electric-powered commercial vehicles the preferred solution for short-range routes. AVM provides 100% electric, zero-emission, smart commercial vehicles that can charge in less than ten minutes. Its unsurpassed battery life, powerful 350 kW CCS 2.0 charging station, and competitive overall pricing create an irresistible value equation for operators. Along with its key partners, Yinlong, Wamar and Havenrock, AVM is disrupting the commercial electric vehicle industry.

With four daily and two weekend routes between Bakersfield, California and LAX, Airport Valet Express also provides free shuttle service to active military families. Each of its 56, 30, 34 and 14 passenger shuttles are instantly recognized by large American Flags emblazoned on both sides. Creating “Kindness Ambassadors,” Founder Phil Rudnick also gives low-income kids the means to have a chaperoned day at the beach asking nothing more than to pass on his kindness to others. For more information, visit