Airport landmark set up to celebrate the centenary of Finland's independence

Finavia´s competition to name the new airport landmark was discovered through an open competition that received 1,347 suggestions, the company said.

The name of the artwork is Skydreamer.

The competition received plenty of name suggestions, more than anticipated in advance. According to author and member of the jury Kari Hotakainen, the number of suggestions describes the interest in Lindfors´s sculpture and its name.

The name suggestion Skydreamer was submitted by Ulla Madetoja. Her prize was a flight simulator experience. The jury´s decision was unanimous.

Lindfors´s 16-metre-tall sculpture moves in the wind like a giant weather vane. The sculpture´s massive sail not only works as its source of energy but also as a big screen. The projectors attached to the creature´s wings reflect messages for guests arriving at the airport.

Helsinki Airport is going through Finavia´s development programme, worth EUR 900 million. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the position of Helsinki Airport in both the international competition between airports and as a significant air traffic hub between Europe and Asia.