AirMap raises USD15m to develop airspace management system for drones

AirMap has raised a USD15 million Series A financing led by General Catalyst Partners, the company said.

This new investment accelerates AirMap´s global development of an innovative suite of airspace management tools for drones.

The company recently announced its collaboration with more than 50 of America´s largest airports through its Digital Notice and Awareness System (D-NAS), which provides the tools necessary for safe drone flights near airports. Major drone manufacturers including DJI and 3DRobotics also rely upon AirMap´s services.

Lux Capital, which led AirMap´s seed financing last year, has also made a significant additional investment in this Series A round.

Simultaneous with the financing, three respected executives have joined AirMap´s already distinguished boardof Advisors. These include Bill Ayer, former Chairman and CEO of Alaska Airlines, Richard Deakin, former CEO of National Air Traffic Services (NATS) (the air navigation service provider for the United Kingdom), and Graham Richard, former mayor of Ft. Wayne, Indiana and current CEO of Advanced Energy Economy.

AirMap provides airspace information and services for unmanned aircraft, and aviation safety stakeholders.