AirMap, Kansas DOT partner to deploy unmanned traffic management technology statewide

AirMap and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will deploy Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology across the state of Kansas, the companies said.

The initiative, which is the first of its kind in the United States, will support the growth of the state´s drone economy and ensure safer skies for all who live, work, and fly in Kansas.

Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM, is the technological infrastructure that facilitates data exchange and air traffic control for drones. By implementing technologies that will one day be part of a nationwide UTM framework, Kansas is the first US state to take a proactive approach to protecting the privacy, safety and security of state residents while empowering drone entrepreneurship. The KDOT-AirMap partnership will foster a thriving drone economy with the potential to contribute billions in economic impact and create thousands of jobs in the state.

AirMap is the world´s airspace management platform for drones. Millions of drones, hundreds of drone manufacturers and developers, and hundreds of airspace managers and stakeholders rely on AirMap´s airspace intelligence and services to fly safely and communicate with others in low-altitude airspace.

Over 700 aerospace and aviation companies live and work together in the Sunflower State. More than 18 years of active UAS research — including one of the first UAS Bachelor´s degree programs in the country — add to Kansas´s industry leadership. The state´s rich aviation history is built on a century of aircraft production. Over 73 percent of the world´s general aviation fleet is manufactured in Kansas.