Airlines add 600,000 seats to flight schedules

OAG Aviation Worldwide has announced airlines globally have added a net 600,000 seats to their flight schedules to reach a total of almost 30 million, a 2% increase from the previous week, the company said.

Weekly capacity a year ago was 110 million seats.

China added 1 million seats to schedules, including 800,000 on domestic routes, and is now operating twice as many seats as the US. Meanwhile, Hong Kong´s Cathay Pacific Airways (OTC:CPCAY) Ltd. added 40,000 seats and increased frequency by some 120 flights, Grant said.

OAG said China´s domestic capacity stands at 75% of January´s level, the United States at 27% and Russia at 49% of pre COVID-19 levels. The UK level is now 4%.

Seat capacity on South Asian airlines dropped 14% and is 72% lower than in January.