Airline Professionals Association issues statement on stimulus relief for airlines

International Brotherhood of Teamsters has announced the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224 has applauded all involved in reaching an agreement with the larger airlines, the association said.

The association said it is important that an agreement is reached and that the stimulus funds be distributed immediately to the smaller regional and charter carriers. Many of these smaller carriers do not have the cash reserves to weather this storm much longer. They are in need of relief right now.

As the aviation industry begins its recovery, small regional and charter airlines will play an essential role. Smaller carriers are the lifeline to the outside world for scores of small to midsize cities around the country. They also perform a vital function for the major carriers by bringing passengers from these same cities to the hubs of the larger airlines.

The association asks Secretary Mnuchin and all those involved with the implementation of the aviation stimulus package to expedite the distribution of stimulus funds to the smaller airlines.

The CARES Act provides the opportunity to stabilize airlines — both large and small — within the industry. It will not only provide much needed relief to the industry and individual employers, but also to the employees who rely on them.”

The Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224 is the certified bargaining unit that represents all flight crewmembers employed by the following airlines: ABX Air, Allegiant Air, Cape Air, Horizon Air Industries, Miami Air International, Omni Air International, Silver Airways and Southern Air.