Airline passenger group says no to airline control of FAA, the largest airline passenger organization, does not like the idea of an airline-controlled corporate monopoly taking over the nations air traffic control system from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the organization said.

Paul Hudson, group president and longtime member of the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee, stated, “Adopting this scheme would mean handing the airlines (for free) control over a core public asset, and providing them nearly unbridled power to extract new fees and increased taxes from passengers.”

The FAA recently stated that air traffic control modernization is on track and will be completed by 2020.

The organization said that President Trump and Congress should work instead on long-term investment to improve air travel with measures that include construction of two new airports for New York City and Chicago to relieve the main cause of congestion delays, repeal of regulations and laws that prevent airline competition and block public private partnerships for airport ownership, support and construction.