AirIT deploys Jaspersoft applications for airport management

California-based technology firm Jaspersoft said that air transportation information technology firm AirIT has deployed Jaspersoft to power PROPworks Business Intelligence software.

According to the firm, PROPworks is a software tool that allows some of the world´s largest airports, including Los Angeles World Airports and Seattle Airport, to track revenue and leasing information for commercial outlets at airports to maximise profitability.

Jaspersoft said its technology enables AirIT airport customers to analyse their operational data in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks, as was previously the case and to do so without having to rely on developers to assist with building reports.

This self-service model has allowed AirIT to extract itself from proprietary reporting products and has reduced overall costs between USD 20,000 and USD 30,000 for each customer, the firm said.

Approximately 5.5 m passengers go through Los Angeles World Airports each month. AirIT enables LAX and 100 other airports and 60 other airlines to manage their operations, passenger processing and business system needs with decision-making and compliance reporting.

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