AirHop Chosen by Rakuten Mobile to Deliver Real-Time Cloud-RAN Performance Optimization

AirHop Communications has announced that it has been selected by Rakuten Mobile, Inc. to provide technology that delivers automated improvements in network performance and end-user quality of experience, the company said.

Rakuten Mobile is leveraging AirHop´s eSON system for network intelligence that coordinates radio resource allocation among cells in real time, unleashing powerful, automated Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization solutions.

AirHop is providing a suite of network intelligence features including Physical Cell Identity (PCI) conflict detection and resolution, Random Access Channel (RACH) parameter collision detection and resolution, Multi-Cell Interference Management (MCIM), Mobility Load Balancing (MLB), and others.

The eSON client software is integrated with Altiostar´s Cloud RAN vCU enabling the eSON system to coordinate actions with each cell in the network in real time. eSON optimizes performance across Rakuten Mobile´s end-to-end cloud native wireless network for macro cell, small cell and HetNet coverage areas.

AirHop Communications is a network intelligence software company based in San Diego, California. AirHop´s flagship eSON real-time Self-Organizing Network (SON) system delivers coordinated optimization of network performance and end-user experience for 4G & 5G radio access networks. For more information, visit

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. is a Rakuten Group company responsible for mobile communications, including mobile network operator (MNO) and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) businesses, as well as ICT and energy.