AirFuel doubles-down on wireless charging technologies for 2018

AirFuel Alliance, the authority on wireless power technology and standards, has put the strategic building blocks in place to ensure it can support the next-generation Resonant-based and RF-based wireless charging solutions needed to deliver the best end-user experience possible, the company said.

AirFuel Alliance has streamlined its organization to focus exclusively on next-gen technologies including Resonant and RF, along with the Network Infrastructure to support them. This will allow the organization to respond more efficiently and effectively to the myriad of use cases that are emerging for wireless charging — use cases that can only be solved by Resonant or RF.

EPC (Efficient Power Conversion), a provider of advanced power management technology, has joined AirFuel´s board of directors. AirFuel also welcomes recent new member Shenzhen Soling Industrial Co.,Ltd, a China-based researcher, manufacturer, and provisioner of CID systems, as a new member.

AirFuel contacted Utah State University, home of the SELECT Center for wireless power, to conduct a study on the benefits of AirFuel Resonant technology. Some key findings: Zone of rated power extends to 50mm or more; Spatial freedom extends to 75mm or more (Inductive is much less); Measurement of systems show a range of efficiency of 70-80% in real-life use cases.

AirFuel Alliance is an association dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on best-in-industry next generation wireless charging technologies, such as Resonant and RF. AirFuel Alliance´s mission is to bring a diverse base of interoperable products to the global market to help deliver the best wireless charging experience for consumers.

The organization membership is made up of technology and consumer electronics companies, including board of directors companies Dell, Duracell, Energous, EPC, ONSemiconductor, Powermat, PowerSphyr, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Starbucks and WiTricity.