Aircraft safety concerns spur growth in air traffic control (ATC) equipment market

Million Insights, a market research firm, has announced the results of its published report that found the global Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment Market is estimated to reach USD 4.23 billion by 2020, the company said.

The operation of the air traffic control (ATC) denotes the service delivered by ground-based workforces and the directors, by means of communications machineries and computers to help them to direct the aircrafts. The ground control staff with the help of air traffic control (ATC) equipment, offer help and communicate permissions and information to the pilots of airliners. The staff of the ATC interconnects with the airplane by means of radio signals and a fixed frequency and paths those airplanes by means of radars within the allocated territory.

The ATC equipment utilized in the sector of aviation is primarily for safety drives and well-organized procedures. This equipment is required for upholding systematized movement of air traffic and evade any sort of pointless bottleneck of the traffic. The equipment performs a major role in avoiding collision, for the duration of flight of aircraft, together with the purposes of surveillance and navigation, as well as utilized for the administration of safe and active landings and take-off of the airplanes and the ground control at the airport.

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