Aircharge wireless charging solutions come to US through Xentris

Xentris Wireless has partnered with Aircharge to bring Aircharge wireless charging solutions and accessories to the United States, the company said.

Wireless charging is a convenient way for consumers to replenish charge to their battery throughout the day removing the fear of running out of power or the need to carry a bulky battery pack or cable.

“Once you create a wireless charging environment in places you would typically charge, such as a night stand and office desk, plugging your device in via a cable soon becomes a thing of the past. Grazing on charge during periods of inactivity means that you are always topped up,” said Ryan Sanderson, Commercial Development at Aircharge.

Aircharge has added three new wireless charging receivers — one with a micro USB connector, one with a Lightning connector, and a key fob that provides support for both of these connector types enabling a multitude of portable electronic devices to charge wirelessly.

UK-based Aircharge offers wireless charging solutions for the office, home and public spaces.

Xentris Wireless is in designing, manufacturing and distributing wireless accessories.