Airbus delivers A350s with touchscreen cockpit displays

Airbus has announced it has commenced deliveries of aircraft equipped with new touchscreen cockpit displays specially developed for the A350, the company said.

Of the A350 cockpit´s six large screens, three can now become touch capable. These displays now offer touchscreen capability for the pilots when presenting Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications. This new method of input complements the existing physical keyboard integrated into the retractable table in front of each pilot and also the keyboard & trackball located on the centre console.

The new technology, which was recently certified for the A350 by EASA, facilitates pinch-zooming and panning gestures and will facilitate more flexibility and better interaction between both pilots, particularly before take-off (for computing take-off performance while entering data into the flight management system FMS); in-flight/cruise; and during approach preparation. Moreover, during high workload phases of flight, the touchscreen capability reduces need for pilots to make multiple cursor inputs and avoids them having to flip between different displays when using the EFB applications collaboratively on the lower centre display.