Airbus ceases operations on Voom helicopter booking platform

Airbus has announced Boom, the Airbus-backed online helicopter booking platform, has ceased operations as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, the company said.

Boom ceased operations on March 23, due to the virus, and now has announced Boom will not resume operations.

Voom started as a project inside Airbus´s A3 innovation centre in Silicon Valley, using a network of operators to provide the helicopter flights, which could be booked via an app or online.

The company said the project provided Airbus with data on customer preferences and behavior to support plans for UAM services with eVTOL aircraft.

Airbus has developed two eVTOL programmes, the one-seat Vahana technology demonstrator, and the five-seat City Airbus, which was aiming for certification around 2023.

Voom said its democratisation goal was met, with nearly 150,000 people signed up for the app and 15,000 passengers flown. Monnet says 60% of customers were making their first flight in a helicopter and Voom achieved a 45% repeat customer rate. The average ticket price was around double the cost of private car service but 10 times faster.