Airborne Wireless prepares for FAA certification

Airborne Wireless Network, a Nevada corporation has retained C. Neal Monte as its lead FAA designated engineering representative in preparation for FAA certification, the company said.

Monte´s background includes work with airframe manufacturers such as Boeing, McDonnel Douglass, and Airbus Industries. He will spearhead the FAA certification process for the company´s “Airborne Digital Super Highway.”

The company said intends to achieve FAA certification of its Airborne Digital Super Highway system on a non-interfering basis, meaning that system will not interfere with critical onboard aircraft systems. The initial FAA certification will allow the company´s Airborne Digital Super Highway system to be placed on commercial aircraft of a type approved on the supplemental type certificate.

AWN´s wholesale carrier network would be an airborne broadband pipeline, providing connectivity for worldwide broadband carrier services using commercial aircraft.