Airborne Wireless completes custom software platform

Airborne Wireless Network (OTC Pink: ABWN) has announced that Netherlands-based Thinking Different Technologies B.V., doing business as TDT SYSTEMS, INC. (TDT), has completed the preliminary software necessary for the ongoing lab and field testing of the two Free Space Optics units and contemplated two-plane flight test, the company said.

The company believes this software will be integral as the development of the contemplated Infinitus Super Highway continues. Based upon the design of this software, the software can be updated to support any number of Free Space Optics units.

Airborne Wireless Network intends to create a high-speed broadband airborne wireless network by linking commercial aircraft in flight.

Thinking Different Technologies TDT BV is engaged in research, prototyping and patenting in the domains of radio engineering, electronics, chaos non-linear telecommunication, Instant X-Dimensional Biometrical Human Mapping based on chaos, new independent sources of energy fabrication, energy savings in metallurgy and chemical industries, gravity and anti-inertia phenomena, economy of fuel in automotive and aviation industries, change of the physical properties of the material, cold fusion, synthesis of new materials for new applications, Direct Optical Non-Linear Amplification, Artificial Intelligence in stock exchange trading applications, traditional stock exchange trading software with ultra low latency and wide supporting software engineering developments for all those domains.