airberlin backs use of RNP procedure for takeoff and landing

German carrier airberlin on Wednesday announced plans to initiate satellite-based precision landings using the RNP procedure with its Boeing fleet in Innsbruck.

RNP-AR (Required Navigation Performance with Authorisation Required) is said to make it possible to fly a specific path safely of approaches through mountain valleys and to take off and land in stormy weather conditions, the carrier said.

In the future, the carrier said, aircraft could be re-routed to avoid flying over densely populated areas close to airports as the RNP procedure allows aircraft to make a curved final approach and in the area of fuel efficiency the approach procedure can lead to savings due to a more efficient use of air space.

To establish satellite-based precision landings as part of its regular flight operations airberlin has been a participant in the joint research project for complex heterogeneous air traffic (HETEREX) since 2009.