AirAsia collaborates with JIFFY to accelerate digital transformation with robotic process automation

AirAsia Group has announced it is partnering with, an enterprise automation platform located in Silicon Valley and India, to implement robotic process automation to accelerate digital transformation, the company said.

AirAsia has appointed India and US- based to initiate its RPA adoption, which began in May 2020. The implementation leverages´s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled automation platform, which brings intelligent automation, intelligent document processing and analytics together in a single solution.

The RPA adoption within AirAsia Group is led by select internal functions and departments in stages and will include innovative use cases to boost existing revenue optimization. Business process automation represents the next step forward in AirAsia Group´s ongoing digital transformation process across the organization, which has been ongoing since 2016. is an RPA platform that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to help companies in automating tasks and processes, thus making operations more time and cost-efficient.

AirAsia is a travel and financial platform company in Asia Pacific.