Air New Zealand, Zephry Airworks partner to bring air taxis to New Zealand

Air New Zealand has announced it has partnered with Zephyr Airworks to bring autonomous electric air taxi service to New Zealand, the company said.

The agreement between the national carrier and the operator of Cora, the world´s first autonomous electric air taxi, signals the intention to form a long-term relationship to make autonomous, electric air travel a reality for all New Zealanders.

Working with New Zealand regulatory agencies, government, community, iwi and business, Zephyr Airworks is also connecting with local communities to make sure everyday flight becomes a reality for people around the world.

The airline said with its aircraft Cora, the company is on eight years of research, development and leading 21st century technology.

The Air New Zealand Group operates a global network that provides air passenger services and cargo transport services to, from and within New Zealand to more than 15 million passengers a year. Air New Zealand´s network expands from New Zealand to Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America, South America and the United Kingdom.