Air New Zealand outlines precautions to protect against COVID-19

Air New Zealand has announced it has outlined to the country´s Health Minister the precautions the airline is taking to protect against COVID-19, the company said.

Air New Zealand has worked closely with Ministry of Health officials in implementing the measures currently in place today. High, medium or low risk destinations are set by the Ministry of Health and this risk matrix is reviewed regularly.

In addition to the Ministry of Health measures, Air New Zealand has also put in place a range of its own measures, including:

-Segregating A320 crew so they do not operate both internationally and domestically
-Cleaning the aircraft with antiviral products approved for use by aircraft manufacturers and the World Health Organisation
-Providing hand sanitiser on board and in airports for customer use
-Requiring passengers on board domestic and international services to wear masks, replaced every 3-4 hours on long haul flights
-Ensuring aircrew have multiple channels through which to raise concerns
-Encouraging Auckland Airport-based staff to be tested in response to the recent outbreak in Auckland.
-Jet aircraft cabins also have hospital operating theatre-grade HEPA filters installed, which filter out viruses.
-Foreign government testing requirements

In addition to the New Zealand Government´s requirements, several international destinations require COVID-19 testing of aircrew before departure, on arrival, or both. This includes prior to operating flights to Hong Kong, China and Samoa.