Air France responds to COVID-19 crisis with network adaptation

Air France has announced that, following the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has continued to operate a few flights, despite capacity falling to 5% of usual operations, the company said.

The airline is maintaining a minimum flight schedule justified by the latest customer repatriations and the need to maintain links with the French Overseas Departments and Territories. Among the destinations served are three in mainland France (Toulouse, Marseille and Nice), some 15 European cities and some 20 countries around the world. To date, more than 270,000 people, including 155,000 French nationals, have been repatriated.

These services make essential journeys possible, whether for medical or family reasons. They also allow the transport of cargo, such as medical equipment or food. Air France´s Cargo activity is playing an essential part in the airlift between France and China, in particular by operating B777 aircraft usually reserved for passenger transport. Thanks to these cabin conversions, the airline has increased its cargo capacity by 50%, enabling millions of masks, medical equipment and other goods to be flown to France.