Air France partners with Aviation Sans Frontières to support humanitarian initiatives

Air France has announced that, in alliance with 40-year partner, Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF), it continues to provide assistance and support in its solidarity initiatives and humanitarian assignments worldwide, which includes providing air transport for sick children, the company said.

Ground staff and flight crews are among the Air France volunteers working alongside ASF. Aviation Sans Frontières has been supported for many years by the Air France Foundation and the company´s Humanitarian Sponsorship Department, benefitting from financial and logistic support.

Since the beginning of April, ASF has been organizing daily flights to enable medical and surgical teams to reach the medical centres in need of assistance and back-up quickly and at no cost.

Since its creation in 1980, Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF), in partnership with many NGOs, has been providing air transport for sick children. Suffering from serious diseases, they can in this way benefit from medical care and surgery in European hospitals. Transported on scheduled commercial flights and assisted by volunteers, these children receive the treatment they need before returning to their families. ASF uses the air transport network and its own fleet to help the most vulnerable populations around the world.