Air France Foundation celebrates 20-year partnership with Henri Dumont School

Air France Foundation, in conjunction with the local Air France establishment, has announced its celebration of a 20-year partnership with the Henri Dumont School Complex in Douala, in Cameroon, the company said.

The main ambition of this partnership, initiated in 2000, is to enable children enrolled through the end of their primary education at Henri Dumont school, to pursue their studies up to their final year. Another objective is to turn this school into a major reference centre for schooling and education.

Over 20 years, the Air France Foundation´s participation in the development projects undertaken by the school, located in a disadvantaged area, has amounted to over 272,000 euros.

This funding has been used to purchase land, the construction and finishing work on two buildings as well as the furnishing and layout of classrooms. The school has also been able to purchase a minibus to transport the children to activities and cultural and sports events.

Thanks to the Foundation´s support over the years, Henri Dumont school, which initially had 68 pupils enrolled, currently has the means to educate more than 2,000 students, and turn it into a recognized centre of knowledge, with sustainable infrastructure.

The Air France Foundation was set up in 1992 by Air France. A pioneer in the field of corporate foundations, it chose to support children in need, a cause close to the heart of company staff.

The Henri Dumont school complex is located in an impoverished neighbourhood in the suburbs of Douala. It aims to provide schooling and an education to young people from disadvantaged areas.