Air Canada Pilots Association supports efforts to raise awareness of dangers of drones

Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) supports Minister of Transport Marc Garneau´s efforts aimed at drawing greater attention to the danger posed by drones operated in restricted airspace, the association said.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs), controlled remotely by an operator, which can vary in size (generally under 2.0 kg for recreational use and over 2.0 kg for commercial applications). They are being increasingly tested for commercial applications, with companies as diverse as Amazon and the Australian Postal Service recently conducting trials of small package delivery.

Drones operating near an aircraft pose a risk to passengers, crews and the general public near airports–with the greatest concern being during the take-off or landing phases.

The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) is a large professional pilot group in Canada, representing more than 3,200 pilots who fly millions of passengers across Canada and around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada rouge.