AiNET's Wi-Fi network spotlighted in Baltimore Business Journal

The Baltimore Business Journal directed attention to closing the digital divide in a recent story that specifically highlighted AiNET´s efforts to build a free, public access high performance Wi-Fi network available to all city goers, the company said.

Nearly one in three Baltimore City homes cannot access the Internet, affecting the ability to register for crucial social benefits, and putting a strain on job searching and skill enhancement. Enormous sums are spent on expensive, limited, data plans and weigh heavily on educational performance and resources.

AiNET soft-launched the first leg of the network on October 9th, 2017 in the city blocks surrounding the company´s Baltimore data center, One Market Center at 300 West Lexington Street.

Richard Barth, dean of the University Of Maryland, School Of Social Work, spoke on the issue of the digital divide as well.

The company plans to expand the network in concentric circles outwards from the downtown data center.