AiNET buys One Market Center for USD20m

IT solutions provider AiNET has bought One Market Center for USD20 million, the company said.

This “telecom-hotel” will grow to serve as a premier AiNET data center, and already supports every major telecommunication company. Existing networks include: Level 3 Communications, XO Communications, Comcast, Cogent, FiberLight, Windstream, Zayo, Believe Wireless, Verizon, E911, Internet2, and countless other general, wireless and special purpose networks.

Situated over the Howard Street tunnel and as an established communications gateway between Northern Virginia to New York and Europe, the facility directly underpins over 25 percent of the world´s traffic flows. The facility is currently built with over 75MW of power redundantly provided by 4 city-wide network grids.

AiNET provides design, construction, operations, and support of Internet data centers, optical fiber networks, and critical solutions. Among their data centers, AiNET owns and operates certified Tier 4 data centers, the highest level of data center reliability. AiNET remains debt-free.