Ageless Aviation names American Airlines official airline for 2020 Dream Flight tour

Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation has announced it has named American Airlines as the official airline for the 2020 Dream Flight Tour, the company said.

The airline recently donated 1.75 million American Airlines AAdvantage miles to the nonprofit organization for volunteers to use for AADF-related travel.

The thousands of dollars saved in travel costs using AAdvantage miles will allow the foundation to create the magic of a Dream Flight for hundreds of veterans nationwide. Each Dream Flight costs roughly USD 250. To recognize American Airlines for this monumental gift, AADF will display its logo on each of its five Stearmans.

AADF has given 4,200 Dream Flights in 41 states since 2011. AADF plans to honor roughly 800 veterans during the 2020 Dream Flight Tour and will present its 5,000th Dream Flight in New York, the 50th state in which AADF will fly.