Aftermaster begins production of 'Aftermaster Pro'

Scottsdale, Arizona-based audio company Aftermaster, Inc. (OTCQB: AFTM) has begun producing its new person re-mastering device Aftermaster Pro, the company said.

The device, which is smaller than an iPhone, solves a widespread problem with TV audio in which volume would have to be turned up in order to clearly hear dialogue and conversely turned down when loud special effects occur.

The device masters and re-masters inconsistent sound in real-time, making it not only seamless, but more balanced, without having to constantly adjust volume.

The inut is installed via HDMI cables between any TV and the A/V source (cable or satellite box, etc.).

AfterMaster, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an audio technology company in the United States. The company develops and commercializes proprietary audio and video technologies for professional and consumer use. It offers AfterMaster audio, a mastering, remastering, and audio processing technology that makes various audio source sounds louder, fuller, deeper, and clearer; ProMaster, an online music mastering, streaming, and storage service designed for independent artists; and Aftermaster Pro, a personal audio re-mastering device.

The company also operates six recording and mastering studios that engineer and master music for independent and high profile professional music. In addition, it licenses various technologies, intellectual property, and patents to third parties. The company was formerly known as Studio One Media, Inc. and changed its name to AfterMaster, Inc. in September 2015.