Affinion International picks Storage Made Easy for DataPal E-Safe product

Storage Made Easy said that Affinion International has integrated the SME product within its DataPal E-Safe offering.

Affinion´s DataPal product is a smart and easy way to protect personal and financial data online across multiple devices, designed to meet the protection needs of today´s web users.

The E-Safe component of DataPal uses encrypted cloud storage, enabling customers to securely store multiple passwords and important documents, for instant access at any time.

Affinion International, a division of Affinion Group, provides a wide range of protection and lifestyle products that offer value to consumers whilst building additional revenue streams and increased customer-to-brand loyalty and engagement for its partners. The division is made of more than 1,200 employees and offers services in 17 countries throughout Europe, Africa and South America.

Storage Made Easy provides an enterprise file share and sync data fabric that uniquely allows IT to regain control of “cloud sprawl,” unifying private and public file sharing into a single, converged infrastructure that can easily be managed and be used to set governance, audit, and access controls in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD who have sales offices in the UK, USA and Switzerland.