Aery Aviation awarded naval special warfare contract

Aery Aviation, LLC has announced it has been awarded a Naval special warfare contract on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, the company said.

Aery will provide air to ground ISR services in the form of Full Motion Video (FMV), specialized sensor, and communications equipment to support ground elements throughout the training and research/development exercise event.

These services will be in the form of aircraft, flight hours, ground and flight crew, supporting equipment, FAA requirements for the safety of flight for MIP, and integration support necessary to support flight execution. Aery´s team will provide these services utilizing a C-208. Aery successfully bid, won, and performed this project in Q2 2019 and won the contract again in 2020.

Aery Aviation provides design, engineering, systems integration, modifications, certification, maintenance, and flight operations solutions that support critical aviation mission requirements for domestic and foreign governments and select corporations and individuals in the private sector.