Aerospace company designs co-pilot app to defeat distracted driving

Specific Range Solutions has launched AutoAdvisory 2.0, a full-featured iPhone app that ensures drivers focus their attention on the road, the company said.

AutoAdvisory 2.0 significantly reduces the risk of distracted driving by operating as a co-pilot. The intelligently interactive app advises the driver not to use their iPhone when driving is detected, continuously monitors their device to ensure it´s not unlocked during the trip, and provides feedback at the end of the trip via the Auto Debrief feature–all while maintaining privacy and not affecting the functionality of your iPhone.

AutoAdvisory 2.0 also enables drivers to share their safe driving milestones via Facebook and Twitter with family and friends. These milestones could be used by a parent to reward a teen with a tank of gas for safe driving, or a fleet manager to incentivize drivers to keep their focus on the road.

Strategic Range Solutions, LLC was founded in 2009. The company´s line of business includes providing computer related services and consulting.