aeromax picks Mimosa Networks for wide-scale ultra broadband deployment in Spain

Mimosa Networks, the leader in next-generation, Hybrid Fiber-Wireless fixed access broadband solutions, has announced that aeromax, a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) in Spain, has selected Mimosa for its new 5G Fixed wireless service in the southeastern coastal region, the company said.

aeromax will deploy Mimosa access, backhaul, and client solutions to deliver speeds of 100 Mbps and greater for its residential and business customers.

The aeromax network provides service in more than 2,000 cities and towns in Spain´s Costa Blanca region. With increasing subscriber demand, aeromax designed its new 5G high-speed network to run in parallel with its existing network.

The “aeromax f: fiber over the air” network uses Mimosa products in both GigaPoP and MicroPoP architectures. aeromax GigaPoPs are tower deployments using Mimosa A5c connectorized access points to service subscribers over a large geography.

In high-density neighborhoods, aeromax´s MicroPoP hub locations use Mimosa A5 access points connecting to Mimosa C5 client devices to serve residential subscribers. Strategically-located homeowners agree to serve as hub homes in exchange for discounted service, a strategy which enables aeromax to scale quickly and effectively. aeromax will also deploy Mimosa B5 backhaul radios to augment its network design.

Mimosa´s hybrid-fiber-wireless (HFW) technology significantly improves the time to market and lowers the cost to provide fiber-speed service to subscribers. And Mimosa´s proprietary Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS) technology exploits advances in Massive MIMO and antenna beamforming to scale wireless networks with expanded capacity and bandwidth.

aeromax deployed RF elements´ Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas together with Mimosa´s A5c connectorized access points. With a wider elevation pattern than a traditional sector antenna, the combined products are a good fit for hilly terrain, projecting signals across more homes more effectively.

Mimosa Networks is the leader in next-generation, Hybrid Fiber-Wireless fixed access broadband solutions. Mimosa access, backhaul, and client solutions empower service providers to deliver ultra-broadband connectivity in suburban, urban, and hard-to-reach rural areas at a fraction of the cost of fiber, driving new industry competition and closing the global connectivity gap. Founded in 2012, Mimosa is based in Silicon Valley and deployed in over 130 countries worldwide.