Aeroflot updates flight schedule from Moscow

Aeroflot has announced it continues to operate flights from Moscow to the following destinations in Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Geneva, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome, the company said.

From 29 March, Aeroflot will continue to operate flights to the US only between Moscow and New York.

Aeroflot is working to help Russian citizens return home.

Aeroflot has temporarily suspended flights between Moscow and 49 international cities.

Aeroflot will continue operating the following flights in Antalya, Baku, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Miami to allow Russian citizens to return to Russia:

Aeroflot is reducing flight frequencies from/to Moscow and Minsk, Paris, Yerevan, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Brussels, Male and New York.

Scheduled Rossiya Airlines flights operated under Aeroflot´s SU code from St Petersburg to EU destinations including Larnaca, Prague, Vienna and Geneva, were halted from 16 March. Flights to London were halted from 20 March.